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System and Network Administration in Linux (SNAL)

Web servers, cloud computing, smart phones, and consumer gadgets all use this operating system. There is a constant demand in the industry for more qualified talent as the unstoppable Linux job market shows no sign of slowing down. This course will teach you the skills you'll need to become a certified Linux systems engineer and work in the field.

Syllabus List

  • Introduction and Basic configuration
  • Boot up and Shutdown process
  • Working with File System
  • Managing Users and Process and Network
  • Setting up Internet and Intranet Services
  • Trubleshooting
  • Start Date
    24 July 2022
  • Years Old
    Above 15 Years
  • Class Size
    20-30 Students
  • Carry Time
    5 Hours/6 Days
  • Coures Duration
    3 Months
  • Class Time
  • Rating
  • Tution Free
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Best IT Courses in vellore
Best IT Courses in vellore
Best IT Courses in vellore