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Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a branch of computer science that deals with data management, storage, and processing on internet server networks.
Cloud computing makes IT resources available on-demand via the internet. One does not need to buy, own, or maintain data in a computer through centers; instead, a cloud provider can provide computing power, storage, and databases as needed. It gives organizations and businesses of all sizes a modern, efficient way to access computing resources.

The demand for employees in this field has grown over time as technology and computer networking systems have required constant upgrades and services.

Cloud Computing's Scope in India and Abroad

The demand for more experts and employees in the field of computer broadband technology in India and abroad has increased the scope of cloud computing courses or computer science degrees.

Cloud computing is a global on-demand solution for data storage and retrieval. Cloud computing is quickly becoming a critical component for IT-based businesses and the industry as a whole. Cloud technology has been implemented in a suitable capacity by both large and small businesses.

Enterprises in India and abroad are in desperate need of IT experts to work around the clouds. With an M.Sc. in cloud computing and additional professional expertise, one can pursue certification programs online to gain better employment opportunities in prestigious companies.

Careers in Cloud Computing

Because of the constant demand for employees in the field of cloud computing, aspirants have a wide range of career options.

In a world where there is an ever-increasing need to innovate, every year brings a new product that is better than the last, rendering even 2-year-old technology obsolete for those who create and consume content, which is why more companies are developing cloud computing so that consumers can use their products.

With Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce Now, users can play triple-A games on old computers with just a good internet connection for a small fee, demonstrating that the future is cloud-based rather than hardware-based.

Because the course is popular around the world, graduates can work as software engineers, cloud architects, data engineers, java developers, cloud developers, automation experts, and more.

Future trends.

With the growing demand for cloud computing courses and their future scope, new trends and topics have emerged in the last year, as well as upcoming trends that are expected to emerge in the near future.
Each year, new subjects and topics will be added to the course by expert professors after thorough research and consideration.
With the trends and topics that will emerge in the future of cloud computing, there are high expectations.

  • Cloud Computing Game Development
  • Cloud-based rendering development

Syllabus List

  • Auto-provisioning
  • Cloud as PaaS and SaaS
  • Cloud computing securitisation
  • Cloud fundamentals
  • Ethics and standard of cloud
  • Private cloud environmen
  • Public cloud environment
  • Virtualisation concepts
  • Start Date
    24 July 2022
  • Years Old
    Above 15 Years
  • Class Size
    20-30 Students
  • Carry Time
    5 Hours/6 Days
  • Coures Duration
    1 year
  • Class Time
  • Rating
  • Tution Free
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Best IT Courses in vellore
Best IT Courses in vellore
Best IT Courses in vellore