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Do you want to work in accounting, taxation, or payroll? We'll recommend a course that will help you advance your accounting career. Tally is one such accounting course that can help you advance your career more quickly. We attempted to provide you with all relevant information regarding Tally Course. By reading on, you will gain a better understanding of what Tally is and why it is important.

What is Tally Course?

Tally is an accounting software that is very useful in small and mid-sized businesses for making calculations. Transactions Allowed in a Linear Line Yards is a common acronym. This software allows you to perform all banking, auditing, and accounting tasks. Accounting features in Tally allow you to quickly and easily record business transactions. By creating and maintaining vouchers, masters, and reports, you can keep track of the transactions that are important to your business. It assists you in managing all of your company's major accounting operations.

Tally Course Details

Tally Course
Full form Transactions Allowed in a Linear Line Yards
Tally Course Eligibility & Requirement 10+2 or equivalent
Duration 4 Months
Fee Offered Rs.3,000 to Rs.6,000
Course Type Regular mode
Employment opportunities Banking Sector, MNC Companies.




Syllabus List

  • Fundamentals of accounting
  • Introduction of Tally
  • Meaning of company creation and opening accounting in Tally
  • Opening a ledger account and how to create a vouche
  • How to modify a company or industry detail
  • How to set the features of a company
  • Selecting the cost category and cost center
  • How to create a godown and how to maintain an inventory
  • How to set price list and the budget
  • A brief introduction of F11 and F12
  • How to produce profit and loss balance sheet from accounting
  • Introduction to VAT
  • Introduction to TDS
  • Calculation of TDS
  • How to add excise duty and customs duty
  • Start Date
    24 July 2022
  • Years Old
    Above 15 Years
  • Class Size
    20-30 Students
  • Carry Time
    5 Hours/6 Days
  • Coures Duration
    4 months
  • Class Time
  • Rating
  • Tution Free
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