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Honors' Diploma in Multimedia Programming (HDMP)

An honors diploma in multimedia programming is a diploma-level course. Multimedia is content that uses a mix of different content structures, for example, sound, pictures, activities, video, and smart content. Interactive media can be recorded and played, shown, spoken with, or got to by data content handling contraptions, for instance, modernized and electronic devices, and can in like manner be a bit of a live introduction. Sight and sound gadgets are electronic media gadgets used to store and experience multimedia content. 

Sight and sound software engineers are answerable for planning and making Multimedia PC items that join content with sounds, pictures, illustrations, video cuts, computer-generated reality, computerized activity, and different types of media.

Syllabus List

  • Computer Fundamentals & Windows
  • Adobe PageMaker and Photoshop & CorelDraw
  • Animation-Flash / 3D Studio Max / 2D Animation
  • Editing-2D Drawing / 3D Drawing / Sound Forge / Audio Editing
  • Introduction to Video Editing
  • Introduction to Illustrator & Maya
  • Start Date
    24 July 2022
  • Years Old
    Above 15 Years
  • Class Size
    20-30 Students
  • Carry Time
    5 Hours/6 Days
  • Coures Duration
    12 Months
  • Class Time
  • Rating
  • Tution Free
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Best IT Courses in vellore
Best IT Courses in vellore